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Plastic injection molds

Mold Injection of the hot plastic material is the most often used procedure to produce plastic parts. This procedure involves the injection at high pressure of the plastified material in the cavity of a mold where it cools and will become solid.

The injection process has the advantage of repeatability, of high yield rate of production, plastic parts with high complexity of the shape, reduced costs of production comparing with other types of plastic part production.

By the nature of the production process, The mold in which the part is formed supports high pressure loads. For this reason in the mold construction process should prevent the deformations, the ware caused by the big number of injection cycles.

To obtain productivity, should focus on better thermal control to increase solidification rate in the mold .


On need careful choice of appropriate tools.

The CNC machining units and the Solid EDM errosion machines or Wire EDM machines have exceptional machining capabilities for all types of raw-materials.

Die-casting molds

At beginnings, casting, even with pressure, was an operation to obtain the semi-finished part needed in the production process. Now, with die-casting process the parts are very near to the finished part, the only additional operation is the cutting of the sprue network and the feeders.

Pro Plastic Engineering has in its portfolio quality and precision die casting molds

Esti sigur de solutia aleasa?

The threaded parts could be a challenge for the mold design. One should choose the optimal solution: collapsing parts, rack, gear, screw..., electric motor or hydraulic cylinders.

About hot runners

When production is important, reducing of injection time is the cornerstone for producers. The solutions from mold constructor side are a well balanced cooling system in the mold plates and the use of hot runner systems to keep the material hot at the entrance of the cavities

Many masks... Same play(part).

Perhaps the most spectacular and complex parts are those made from two or more different materials. The molds with which these parts are produced will by more complex accordingly. Pro Plastic Engineering has in its portfolio design and construction of overmolding molds.

Thinking of ...

Design, Construction, Production

Our goal is to become solid partners for our clients. Therefore we continuously invest in logistic and professional training, always trying to become better. Thus we succeeded to convince important companies like:

and many others in other domains as building construction, equipment, home appliances, etc.

Who we are and why you need us?

Pro Plastic Engineering marks 15 years on the market of mechanical processing for plastic injection and die-casting molds.

With high-skilled team, strong wish to perform better, we succeed to obtain quality products.

We define ourselves by:
The care for quality,
Clever approach of the projects,
Exigence in machining process,
The will for performance.

Expensive does not means better.

In the delicate field of top mechanical processing is essential to have quick and correct information to apply the best solutions for all the problems that appear during a mold life-time.

Production advising:
Calculation to optimise client production;
number of cavities, injection type;
flow properties and analyse; choice of material.

A optimised production cycle may involve:
good cooling system;
need of hot runner system;
choice of the proper steel type.

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